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Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

This type of cylinder only has one piston-head to which pressure is applied. Hence the work can only be carried out in one direction. Return of the piston is either by its own weight, a load or an outside force (e.g., a spring). Platform lifts, fork lift trucks and lifts are most frequently operated with single-acting hydraulic cylinders.

Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

This type of cylinder is also known as a differential cylinder. Differential cylinders are constructed with two opposed piston surfaces, meaning that they can work in two directions. Because of the presence of the piston rod, this type of cylinder has two different working surfaces, which generally leads to differential piston speeds. Double acting cylinders are used in a wide variety of applications.

Double Rod Hydraulic Cylinders

This type of cylinder has a piston rod attached to each face of the piston head. Consequently the volume flowing in and out is always the same, meaning that the entry and exit speeds remain the same. A double rod cylinder has a large number of uses.

Telescopic Cylinders

Utilizing standard materials and components that have been field proven to ensure long term durability, INDO Hydraulic Cylinder Group supplies multi-stage hydraulic cylinders of various lengths, and up to six stages. Whether you are looking for a cylinder manufacturer for your design, or you need our team of experienced engineers to design a custom multi-stage hydraulic cylinder for your application, our companies have the solution.

Tandem Hydraulic Cylinders

In this cylinder type, two hydraulic cylinders are interconnected. The piston rod of one cylinder acts through the head of the other on the latter's piston rod.

Custom made Hydraulic Cylinders

Customized from standard
Take advantage of our efficient standard range. Standardized components permit quick and inexpensive production. At the same time, the possibility exists to incorporate the customers individual requirements. In this way, we can guarantee an optimum of efficiency and flexibility.

Special solutions
Naturally we also offer a wide range of special solutions. Production segments specially designed for this purpose have been installed and guarantee the design and manufacture of INDO cylinders exactly as the customer wants.

Technical Advice
You have a new product and need a new hydraulic cylinder? Our expert design and engineering team can develop a prototype to meet your requirements. Using state-of-the-art know-how and technical expertise, we can help you lower production costs and roll-out your product in a minimum amount of time.

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